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a rose among thorn

         It was a rather warm February month; the sun fading in to an orange ball.  The school was getting ready for its annual day celebrations. Boys and girls rehearsing one last time for the songs dance and play. Parents arriving in luxurious vehicles dressed in the finest.st.Pauls the best resident school in the town … Continue reading

love misses

how like a winter tis life had beentill thy loving heart i have seenhow laid bare tis winters dreamtill thy loving voice i heard sing when i chronicle those wasted timesas winter cold years have passedtill thy love woke me, to gifta summers dream filled with joy oh cupid i did fall for thy ploytis … Continue reading

a new love

in the unforgiven past this heart filled with hateoh angel thou hath bought me lovefor thee many a war to win thy heart a treasure never to lose in the unforgiven past this heart filled with emptinessoh angel thou hath bought me joytears of happiness overflowingwashing away the hatred past   in the unforgiven past … Continue reading