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a rose among thorn

         It was a rather warm February month; the sun fading in to an orange ball.  The school was getting ready for its annual day celebrations. Boys and girls rehearsing one last time for the songs dance and play. Parents arriving in luxurious vehicles dressed in the finest.st.Pauls the best resident school in the town wore a festive look.

It was late in the evening all the boys and gals met with their parents except Andrew just waiting for his parents in the previous letter his father had promised to come Andrew eagerly waited this is the first time Andrews father is coming to meet him he’s arriving from a far off place where Andrew had only read it in a picture book his father had sent him earlier. The school librarian ms Angela wore a worried look will he make it on time

She had a particular attachment for the kid  may be Andrew reminded him of her own son .The same time in a nearby town john Clifford was hurrying through the village lanes his old car pushing its limits his mind racing back to years past .


        It was in dark times of john’s life when this letter arrived, John was a successful writer after his failed love he moved out of the city lived like a hermit in a village drinking his way to death. John had woken up from a nasty hangover when the postman bought this letter from a certain librarian in a certain school may be she wants me to write an article about  latest book .But when he read the letter john literally fell into tears How can fate play a cruel joke on a little child. Its been five years since the day the letter arrived and john had played his part, sending post cards picture books story books sometimes even a box of chocolates yet he never went to see the child. letters began arriving from the child every week and john began to feel the child as his own though he could never pull him selves to meet the child john was overjoyed when the letter said the child had won the best student prize immediately he wrote a letter stating that he will be there for the function .to john whose dream had been lost .he wanted to make this child’s dream come true. A passing truck bought john back to the present still twenty more miles hell be on time.


                                There was a phone call for the school librarian Angela rushed to the office it was her son calling to say he made it through the music school Angela was all in tears he’s made it her only son has his dreams made true congratulating him she put the phone back her thoughts went back to Andrew. She had been a librarian in this school for twelve years and the day when father Edward bought this boy to school her heart went to Andrew  is it that he looked like her son or the simple innocent smile in spite of a cruel fate Angela never knew but she had a special attachment for the boy, And when father Edward told her about the boys story she really wanted to help and help for a poor orphaned kid in need of love was always short.


                             Andrews’s parents died in an accident and the child of one year survived by a miracle when the child was bought to fathers Edwards orphanage the child’s uncle promised to pay all the expenses and he asked the father to raise him up and put him in a best school as the child grew little Andrew used to cry late in the nights asking for his parents and father Edward used to calm the child by telling stories about his parents ,every time the child asked for his parents father Edward used to show picture books  of a writer named john telling Andrew his parents are there. when it was time for Andrew to go to school the uncle paid enough money to put him in a good residential school father Edward took him to the school and as soon as he saw Angela he knew she will take care of Andrew He had seen Angela walked in to this town with her son and her battles with a scarred marriage he had seen how she made her son grow up to be a good musician,


                When she heard about Andrews’s story and the way father Edward kept the child’s parents alive through books she was nearly in tears every week she took out a picture book and told stories to Andrew about his parents. As Andrew learnt to read and write he stared asking her questions why his parents are not visiting him or writing to him as the other children’s parents do in course of time the picture book stopped coming Angela contacted the publisher and they informed her that the writer john is no longer writing. The next week Andrew asked if the picture book arrived from his parents Angela couldn’t tell anything she just said next week it will come. That evening Andrew was suffering from high fever as the fever prolonged the doctors told he could be in danger

Angela did not know what to do she again called the publisher took johns address and wrote to him a letter about Andrew. The next week a letter arrived addressed to Andrew when Andrew read it as if a miracle had happened the Childs condition improved .Then the letters started arriving every week and angel could sense the change in the child’s heart


           It all started when Angela started writing to john about Andrews’s progress. A few months later she met him and she heard about his failed love and slowly a bond started between them johns letter to Andrew came in regular intervals and the bond between the child and the man grew  years passed and Andrew won the best student of the year award

And Angela met john and asked him to visit Andrew .Though john started to write for the child he could never really wipe out the past his failed love was tormenting him to drink more yet the child was the only solace to john .whenever the child wrote to him he felt happy and Angela on the pretext of handing over the letters visited john every week they used to meet at the village bus station share their past in a coffee shop. John could feel his past erasing whenever he was with Angela and Angela could feel her  heart beat so fast whenever she was with john is this love she asked to her selves many a times by then father Edwards passed away and john took full responsibility of  Andrew  and Angela could feel the change in john


 It was nearly dark when  john reached the school Angela went to him and introduced Andrew to him both stood still for few moments then with tears Andrew said daddy where have u been all these days they could hear the principals voice asking Andrew to come to the stage the three walked in silent tears of joy as the child went to receive the prize john took hold of Angela’s hands it was a silent understanding when the function got over as the three walked

 Angel remembering an old poem from johns work


                 “Roses among thorns never to be torn”




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