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old water hole

An old water hole

Though I am not a regular drinker, sometimes I do visit a local bar. May be it’s the writer in me with a never-ending thirst for a good story prompting me to visit a local bar. I personally don’t prefer a sophisticated bar where the conversation is all about business, career and the deeds of some mighty men. The story is always the same.

Since my learned friends with respect in the society dare not venture in such a bar. It usually is a solo affair for me.

If ever you visit tamilnadu almost all the wine shop has a room or an open ground attached to it. With a few plastic chairs for the people to sit and few young boys to buy the drinks, forget about the child labor laws effective in this country. With the rates being almost five times lower than that of the sophisticated bar men from all walks of life right from the poorest to a few software executives visit this place. As the sun sets Life starts with a buzz of activity the boys in the bar get ready the customers walk in.

To me it almost resembles likes a scene from the jungle all the animals gathering round the water hole to have their drink of water.

I usually prefer a corner table, a convenient place to observe and listen to most of the conversation-taking place. Some of you might think I am spying on other people’s affairs but it’s definitely not the case I just get the story and contemplate on the subject. I usually spend long hours in the water hole. The longer you spend the variety of stories you get, It reflects on the mans struggle in this world usually a failed love affair

a businessman in deep debts, or sometimes a group of people who drinks to ease their pains from their hard days work. Quite a few are compulsive drinkers for they have to drink every day. Every one has their own story to tell .to some a few round of drink just to forget their living hell. Sometimes a stranger would walk in sit in front of you and it would be a pleasant surprise to know he has different topics to talk about. Some of the regulars even keep tabs with bar boys who know when you will feel to have the last one for the road and to find the wallets empty.

Contrary to the common perception most of these men don’t beat their wife or children. They just come with their friends to share their pains. Many realize it wont solve their problems .A few like me to contemplate may be even to get an inspiration for a new poetry .The rest like the animals in the jungle they do visit the water hole just to make merry after their hard days work. Yes there are a few bar room brawls bottles do fly obscenities are spoken yet after a few moments things settle down.

Time does flies swiftly in the old water hole its eleven thirty in the night the cops arrive to close the bar even though the night was still young.


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One thought on “old water hole

  1. a very interesting article, very well written

    Posted by Dreams | October 6, 2007, 6:19 pm

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