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A childhood that was

Every year November fourteenth we celebrate children’s day . But still
there are children who work , Lack food , Die in horrible
circumstances, Are we thank full of our happy child hood days or is it
that our children are safe so we forget others. Why not make the
children happy may be its time as adults we learn few things from a

A childhood that was

turning back to childhood days
wonder what changed our way

sweets and lunch we shared those days
The hungry we forgot today

Color or Caste we knew not those days
For a religion we kill today

Darkness and ghosts we feared those days
Our crimes in darkness feared today

Enemies and anger never lasted those days
Anger and revenge our thoughts today

Angels and Fairy tales we listened those days
To be rich and famous we dream today

Looking forward to those days
Wonder where we lost our way

Innocent smile and pure heart of those days
To maturity sold today

Yet to the memory of those good days
Let us bring joy to the children today


About ajitpeter

Passion to write serving.humanity by innovating and engineering livelihood development


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