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short story

A new twist to an Ol tale

fine day on a park bench


day as the sun was sinking low and the birds settling in their nest .A pretty
young girl was sitting on a park bench. A frog appears near her  he says Hey pretty you kiss this lips and I
give you five wishes. The girl looks here and there but could find only the
frog .Who ever heard of a talking frog on a park bench.. Seeing no one she
shouts hey who’s that funny guy. The frog says no honey I aint a pretty froggy
but my lips wait for thee .The girl stares at the frog Is that you. Yeh that’s
me my missy five wishes for a kissy.

                 Now the
girl having read many a fairy tale . Hey you were supposed to give only three.
The frog replies, me not the same prince for one wish why not five the girl in
the book got a raw deal. By now the girl was having her own doubts well she let
go asks

Hey you are not going to trick me. No way  pretty my words are are sure as your lips so
honey. The girl agreed eyes closed she gives a kiss . Oh it’s a miss dear miss
u kissed my finger tips said the frog .Ohh u trickster I should have not believed
you. Hey cried the frog do u see a talking frog everyday. Ok Ok said the girl
and with eyes open gives a kiss without a miss.. Alright that’s like it now
lets start with the wish said the frog.

                The girl
was so exited she started to think .alright she says. Wish number one I want to be very very very rich .The frog stares at her are
you sure he asks. She says I amSure . Ok granted but remember if you want to cancel the
wish you gotta kiss me again.The next minute the girl is in a castle .dressed as queen
wow she thinks now I am rich the frog is not a bad guy after all. With joy she
shouts thank you mr froggy. You called me dear say’s a voice and the frog
appears dressed a king. You dirty bastard u tricked me the girl shouts. Well
the frog winks I am a rich frog a very rich frog you should be proud to be my
queen. Hey she says I want this wish cancelled. Well you know the rules the
frog says. Okay she says and kisses him again and zoosh they were back where
they started in the park bench.


           All right
last time you tricked me this time ill be careful. Sure honey says the frog I
cant wait for the next kiss. He catches a fly and eats it  “delicious” 
.The girl thinks for some time .All right here goes .I want to be the
most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. Remember to cancel you have kiss
me says the frogy and zoosh the girl in standing in front of a large crowd as a
miss world. And she could hear the announcement now our sponsor will crown the
miss world and kiss her. The girl nearly fainted as she could see the frog
walking down with the crown. The girl asked the frog you again . Honey I was an
emperor in the last wish so I am conducting the miss world contest and the
contestant will be my next queen. Oh god Oh god she cried and immediately
kisses the frog.

            Back in the park bench for wish number three, froggy sips a
cola and the girl was walking here and there thinking hard. This frog is out
here to get  me well what should I do.
Well the frog is not married so here it goes says the girl I want to be a
mistress to a rich play boy. Suddenly the carzy frog music plays and the girl
is riding a  harley davidson with the
girl behind. She yells this time stop you cheat stop. The frog stops the

Hey you are not married I want to be a mistress. Honey said
the frog showing his wedding ring I married the runner up in the miss world
contest you won. With a huge cry the girl fainted. Waking up in the park bench
hey she says I dint kiss you. Well said the frog I thought you would want so I
took the liberty. The girl says ok enough is enough I leave now I leave now.
You are a trickster. Well said the frog there’s only two more what can happen
try it out.


Alright alright says the girl wish number four I want to be
married to the hottest man in the whole wide world. There was a huge noise and
a big limo appears and she could hear the girls screaming here he is the
hottest man in the whole wide world. The limo stops in front of the girl a deep
sexy voice calls her in my princess step inside. The girl steps in. the doors
close only to see the Crazy frog again . honey says the frog I am the hottest
guy in town.. oh my god oh my god not again says the girls and she kisses
him.the limo drops her in from of the park bench.



Now the girl starts walking toward her home enough Iam sick
of this Iam going to kill you she says. Honey says the frog one last try who
knows  you might get even with me .

The girl thinks hard hard and harder no ideas.She was
getting angier every second and words dint come out. Alright she say eyes wild
with revenge I want to eat frog legs in the new chinese resturant. Zoooooom and
the girl is sitting there and there in the plate a pair of frog legs.Wow she
says now that’s the end of him. She calls the waiter says she has to leave in a
hurry and asks for a the bill. The waiter gives the bill , she pays it and was
about to leave . A deep voice says Five wishes to our hundredth customer. Just
for a kiss with this handsome bachelor. The girl was fainting and the frog was
walking down to her all she could hear was Sorry for the delay honey but I have
to drive myself pity though my driver has to use a wheel chair..


The moral of the story no matter how hard you think how hard
you try ,the frog always wins.


Ajit Peter



About ajitpeter

Passion to write serving.humanity by innovating and engineering livelihood development


3 thoughts on “A new twist to an Ol tale

  1. urnew banner is awesome Pety as u know i like the black/white onesand the frog story..hhmmmmm…lolNjoy the day in the orphanage buddyim going to make lunch nowHuggy

    Posted by sweeti's | April 12, 2009, 3:58 pm
  2. ha ha haaaaaaaaa.. funny one. thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Kiru | April 16, 2009, 3:28 pm
  3. lol! that\’s an interesting story! 😀

    Posted by Trouble | April 17, 2009, 12:57 am

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