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“My Chief Minister Called me”

                                                          “My Chief Minister called me “


                              My chief minister called me !
yes it’s the truth many won’t believe me but my chief minister called me on my
mobile. No I dint give him my number Yet I know his voice loud and clear. Wonder why did he called
me, He dint call me because I pay taxes regularly, No it was not my birthday,
Of course I am not playing in the Indian cricket team. Did I do anything great no;
I am just a simple man.

 I am not a movie star; I am not a union leader I don’t belong
to any union either, But still My chief minister calls me. Do I have big projects for him
to open no I don’t have any now. Still I am curious he remembers me and calls me,
I am an ordinary human being  My name does not come on the TV or in the Newspapers, I talk
but I don’t conduct talk shows Still my chief minister calls me and tells me I am his

 It was a surprise to me when I got the call it was my chief minister,
I tell every one my chief minister called me. They all ask me what he told me,
I said I don’t care what he told but my chief minister called me. What do I
have that he calls me where did he find the name of this poor man. Oh my God I am exited my chief minister
called me

 I walk in to the office I tell them, I don’t see any
surprised faces and one said even the ex chief minister called him . He dint
break any world record too. After five years how did he find me? My name is on
the voters list and now I know why he called me.


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3 thoughts on ““My Chief Minister Called me”

  1. I want ur vote Mr Ajit Peter….and thats why i give u a ring…..MJ

    Posted by sweeti's | May 11, 2009, 10:28 pm
  2. Wow……….

    Posted by Julie | May 19, 2009, 2:44 pm
  3. Hi petyhere i amhave a beautiful daycha

    Posted by charming | May 28, 2009, 2:35 pm

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