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July 26th 1993 A Memory Revisited

I wanted to write this for a long time ,It took me a journey of  sixteen times around the sun to put it in words which I feel is not enough to justify the love of a Father   July 27th  2 pm I climb the familiar steps of my old school , The colors … Continue reading

Superfat on Dance floor

The rumors of the legend continues, king Handsome 1 is one worried man , the fats are rebelling. even some slims started to adore the superfat, Raids were conducted throughout dietland by gymmen and superfat could not be found. Visions of superfat begin to haunt the king . rumours go that even the queen pretty … Continue reading

The Legend of Superfat

  The Legend of Superfat   Long ago in the earths distant horizon existed the kingdom of slims. The slims were ruled by the good king slim. The kingdom was filled with peace and joy the fats and the slims lived in harmony.. The old king slim died one day and the throne was passed … Continue reading