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The Legend of Superfat


The Legend of Superfat


Long ago in the earths distant horizon existed the kingdom
of slims. The slims were ruled by the good king slim. The kingdom was filled
with peace and joy the fats and the slims lived in harmony.. The old king slim
died one day and the throne was passed to his only son Handsome 1 .Now the
young ruler handsome 1 was a proud man and he dislikedThe fats. His dream was to get rid of his empire from fats.


One day he called his prime minister and counseled with him
to arrive on an idea to get rid of all the fats in the country. They bought in
all the strong men in the land and formedan army of Gymman. They made propaganda to make the slims
hate the fats. A treaty was signed with the slim pill lord , and all the
subjects were ordered to use the slim pillwhich made the fats slim. Not stopping here the young kind
handsome 1 created a Diet land out side his kingdom . All the subjects of slim
land were forced to wear a caloritracker .


Whenever the calorie of the person is in excess the
calorietracker buzzed and the gym men came and deported the person to the
dietland. To be put in rigorous exercise and tactical brain washing session
which made them think all fats are bad. Once the dietland warden thinks the person
is slim they were returned to normal life. But something happened here the
slims never anticipated.


The slim pill lord made a mistake in the slim pill formula
and soon many of the subjects calorietracker went buzzing like honey bee nest.
However they tried the slims were gaining more calorie . and the diet land was
filling with people. No matter what they did they cannot return back to normal
life prisoned in diet land for ever. Slowly the impatientFats facing a life of constant exercise and lack of good
delicious meals started to rebelAll they needed was one super hero.


One sunny morning a young girl was crying in the street her
calorietracker buzzed cuase she had large piece of a black forest chocolate
cake and the gymmen were on the way to take her to diet land. The gymmen held
the little girl and the cries of the girl was heard far off. The land trembled
someone on the street said look it a hot air balloon  someone said no its an buffalo no it an
elephant. Then the girl shouted with joy the legend is real Its superfat..With his belly he put the gymmen down and the
girl went home happy.


Whos is he ?  the fats
unsung hero . born in the dietland the leader of rebels making merry with food
with fellow fats. Saving the fats from gymmen and teasing slims.treating the starved with delicious food and the thirsty
with cold beer. Never worried with how they look with a warm heart of gold and
a smile of thousand lightning.The hero of fats Superfat


The legend will continue……………………………………………..


About ajitpeter

Passion to write serving.humanity by innovating and engineering livelihood development


4 thoughts on “The Legend of Superfat

  1. HiA unique story Jitu…so ur book out into market I Hope?????have a wonderful day

    Posted by Julie | July 23, 2009, 9:35 am
  2. Hi PetyThis is great 🙂 We all know about slim handsome superman.. and now there is a new legend of fat handsome superman :)and he works as a chef in a hotel and wear thick glasses in his normal life 🙂 when he come to MT class in Chennai everybody thought he is just another ordinary man … and his personality development teacher.. .. ok we just name the teacher as Perl 🙂 wants to develop his personality through his dress code 🙂 not to wear t-shirts and tuck them inside the trouser …. to wear shirts… and ever merry MT teacher ..hmmmmmmmm.. lets say Poornima commented… "he is a young fellow ya……… he wants to wear t-shirts"… and laughed… and one fine day… heres the hero in your legend :)Please continue ……….. i enjoy thisCha

    Posted by charming | July 23, 2009, 9:38 am
  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Pety buddyawesome idea to write abt this topic.we need to forget that ppl who dont look like MR /MRs perfect are also human beings.the media made us work in gyms ..have diets….cos we all want to look like THAT specific person..whom everyone LOVES.well the hell with those…And…Long live Mr Superfat…its these days forced on us ..how u have to look to Look COOL…BTW Coolis that good???I know that MR>Superfat has a heart of gold…but u have to tell mr.Superfat to watch out….cos his good heart might stop beating.once daycos off the negativ reactions he is getting and getting in isolement and that means lonelinessso u see difference of colour,,religion…fat/slim it doesnot matter.Thumbs up for mr.FAtboyHEY HEY

    Posted by sweeti's | July 23, 2009, 12:02 pm
  4. I hope the Legend does continue….I know nowadays doctors say you have to lose weight to stay healthy…but things are going way, way over the top…multi million dollar slimming manufacture\’s are out there playing on peoples fears!! …Good one Ajit…

    Posted by Lady | June 21, 2010, 8:01 pm

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