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July 26th 1993 A Memory Revisited

I wanted to write this for a long time ,It took me a journey
of  sixteen times around the sun to put
it in words which I feel is not enough to justify the love of a Father


July 27th 
2 pm I climb the familiar steps of my old school , The colors of the wall
remain the same the familiar sound of the children remained as a constant echo.
This time I go as a service provider and the school is my client.. Emotions
pour my steps unbalanced my thoughts take a time travel.to Sixteen years back
on july 26th 1993


The familiar steps this time I was a boy 16 years old . The
sky was cloudy the sun a faded ball in the sky. I was in the mathematics class,
They said I was good in mathematics I still don’t know. Yet on that day I was
in the class my thoughts far off . The peon came with a small bit of paper and
the teacher read it the Ajit you have to meet the headmaster immediately .In
the principal office I could see my neighbor sitting I knew what happened. The
expected turned out to be the same the intuition ever correct.


I walk back to the classroom to take my bag and I give the
news to the teacher . His arms over my shoulder and words in my ears “ Be
strong “ I walk down the same foot stepsonly with the news My beloved father had left me for ever


Sixteen years after that I asked a good friend what day is
today, Times and stress had me forgotten the dates of the day and when my
friend said its 25 th july  My memory
returned . for the next day is his 16th death anniversary . and I
felt to do something in his memory. But then a few days back the watchman in my
firm asked me for textbooks for his daughter. I didn’t know why though it was
the month end I had given the money for the books. And I realize on the steps
of my old school after a journey of 16 times around the sun My father loves to
gift books and pay fees to poor children and he had not left me

He lives in me , though I 
forget his presence his work is done through me


My father is not departed he lives with me………………..


         To my father


Time with him so few

His presence ever so new

His arms ever to hold

Memories with him tales untold


His words of wisdom guided my way

World with him a lesson every day

His life a book to me

Pages of affection in tis heart to be


Yet to all good- life be short

 Disease for him
misery bought

 Though weak his
affection strong

 Shared moments his
tales of past so long

For this a man who showed to care

In heart a space to spare

To love and honor a friend

 Ever a helping hand
to lend


For in tis life he lives for ever

In tis heart his love weaved together

Friends and family his treasures to be

“Son be a good boy and take care of your mother”

His tearful final words and gift to me




About ajitpeter

Passion to write serving.humanity by innovating and engineering livelihood development


7 thoughts on “July 26th 1993 A Memory Revisited

  1. HI PetyThis is very touching.. It has really brought tears to my eyes… I\’m very closed to my father.. He is the strength of my life and I sincerely hope he will take my years and live for a long time…. I really cannot write more… .. My throat is choked with tears :)cha

    Posted by charming | July 28, 2009, 10:52 am
  2. How do i feel now…???How do u feel now??i know that when u wrote this ..ur eyes were wet.Memories of a good father…the times he was around.He adored his kidsI KNOW..and ur an exact copy.Im proud knowing uMy dad died 20 years ago januari 10th..My mom 10 years januari 11th.almost exact 10 years diff.how can we forget those who gave us life.

    Posted by sweeti's | July 28, 2009, 12:45 pm
  3. Hi Pete, This is really touching. I admire one thing in you, the affection you have for others. I\’m sure your dad was and is still an inspiration in your life. God Bless.Pearl

    Posted by Unknown | July 28, 2009, 1:06 pm
  4. Indeed PEty Sint Niklaas…is saint Nicolas patroness of the city.December 6th we celebrate with gifts for the kids ( mom and dad pay lol)Ur buddy

    Posted by sweeti's | July 30, 2009, 4:28 pm
  5. Jitubeautiful way to pay tribute and offer gratitude to your dad

    Posted by Julie | August 4, 2009, 8:34 am
  6. Wonderfully put!
    Yes your dad was loving and giving. I will never forget the last month I was at Chennai where I used to visit almost every other day. I hope you remember when we all went to the Golden beach together.
    The day we left Chennai for Babina by road he was there in the morning about 4 AM to see us off .
    Now we would see him in the other shore.
    Sad indeed that you had to lose both Dad and Mom when you were still young.
    You write so well. How happy your parents would have been to see this.
    God bless. Keep writing.

    Posted by Jason | August 27, 2011, 6:52 pm
  7. Read it again with tears in my eyes… Read it aloud for Surya Chittappa and Belinda

    Posted by Jason | September 6, 2014, 6:49 pm

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