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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

A variant of the harvest festivals celebrated in many parts of the
world, Thanksgiving is popularly traced to a 1621 feast shared by the
English Pilgrims who founded the Plymouth Colony (located in
present-day Massachusetts) and members of the Wampanoag Indian tribe.

Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 proclamation that Thanksgiving became an annual
national holiday. He called for it to be celebrated on the last
Thursday of November. It was in the dark days of the Civil War, but
Lincoln said that difficult times made it even more appropriate for
blessings to be "gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one
voice by the whole American people."

During the 19th century an increasing number of states observed the day
annually, each appointing its own day. President Abraham Lincoln, on
October 3, 1863, by presidential proclamation appointed the last
Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day, due to the unremitting
efforts of Sarah J. Hale, editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book.

                                                                    Thanksgiving Day
                                                      in tis life thanks be just not a word
                                                      to a few that felt love and care its  world
                                                      thankfull for the peace we have
                                                      thankfull for the love we got
                                                      thankfull for those that help
                                                      thankfull for days of joy
                                                      thankfull for friends in pain
                                                      thankfull for light in dark
                                                      thankfull for hope to live
                                                      thankfull for hearts that share
                                                      Life doth live with just a word
                                                     A word of thanks to unite the world

May tis day be just not a day to celebrate may it be a celebration to thank those that cherish and giveth love and care
for it need be a special day just to say thanks but a day that remind us of a special word thanks



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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. we can pronounce the word Thanks….we write tx most of the timeand somtimes our eyes glitter.enjoy the turkey lolUr twin half

    Posted by sweeti's | November 26, 2009, 11:56 am
  2. HI PetySometimes back I wrote a blog on the same subject :)YOu look very cute with the pink umbrella….Thanks for being my friend and not so big broCha

    Posted by charming | December 6, 2009, 9:45 am
  3. a tight huggy from Chicathe poem is fantastic cya buddy

    Posted by sweeti's | December 6, 2009, 10:42 pm

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