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Among the thorns

the words below does not justify the love showered by my parents ( no longer with me) a sister (ever a fighter for me)a best ever friend in my pain and gain  a friend(like a sister to me) a wife (ever to love me. ) Depths of the sea be measuredheight of the sky be … Continue reading

A blind man with a torch

A blind man with a torch Ere the clock bell strikes sixThe ears sharp takes a fixday light fade to darkness nightHe switch on his torch light lo his eyes darkened to see its lightNor doth he know the color so brightTo the passer by he asks in the nightHey dude doth tis torch shine … Continue reading

A battle to lose

What hath caused humans to warWar doth not mean a gun fire farTimes battles be fought in hearts depthUnveiled in time the anger kept Courage doth turn to fearThe deceit of enemy every nearfaded line marking good and badTurning dreams joy to sad In the depth of poisoned tongueA sword to kill ready to plungewhat … Continue reading

Thoughts of innocence

Thoughts of innocence Think of the humans in a jungle of  stones Greed and betrayal sucking the bones innocence lost in words of deceit innocent slaved with economic deficit Innocent as us in a jungle free lived with love our ways to be thoughts to us a days food ways of  neither sly ever to be goodmen doth plot to trap an innocent … Continue reading