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The wind Rider

" The Wind Rider" Sixteen years gone riding the wheels two .Ever a pleasure for a rider trueMay be influenced by a western or twoEver a pleasure on a steel horse true Nor do i ride to race and winNor given to speed to raise the adrenalineYet miles to pass and wheels to spinIn to … Continue reading

Some good Tale tellers on the web

Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.  Learn more UK National Central Bureau of Interpol Fraud Compensation Committee Headquarters, 37 Wood Street London EC2P 2NQ Tel: +447011164219 E-Mail: interpolpolicelondon@googlemail.com Dear sir/Madam We recently arrested a … Continue reading

to a mother

in her womb she gave our formbreathing life out to the world warmloving eyes ever to watch overa mother her thoughts endeth neverher life in tis world doth endyet lived in memories with her spend

Status Quo

Status Quo Society doth draw a lineStatus of the people to defineLearned and rich welcomed with delightthe poor and illiterate despised in sightSuccess besieged with affection and fame  the failed left to burn in accusers flameA heart of the child draw not the status lineYet growing Grey and wise the line stronger by timeClothed in … Continue reading


                                           HaircutStrands of hair unruly wayHair cut an adventure of the dayScrolling through the models on bookpictures in mind to decide the lookHair cut an adventure of the dayThrough the times in a different wayyoung ones cry of the barbers scissorA grim look of teen in the mirrorevery hair cut in the heart a terrorGood … Continue reading