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Angels Cry

Angels Cry

Times in pain dark clouds cover the sky

Fountains of heaven doth open when Angels cry

Emotions spent and tears to dry

Heavens thy pains bear and Angels Cry

The spirits of freedom seek to fly

Chained in tis world Angels Cry

Dreams of the heart to paint the sky

Hands tied to pain Angels Cry

Hunted souls birds without wings to fly

Felt in heaven Angels cry

Rage in the heart hatred fly

Love and peace Angels cry

Heaven to reach the hungers cry

Souls doth care Angels cry

Hearts of Love empty to dry

Showers to fill Angels cry

Hurt and pain Angels cry

Love and Joy Angels cry

Tears and smile Angels cry

For you and me Angels cay

The world to be one Angels Cry

To those in darkness Angels Cry

To those that Left Angels Cry

To the lonely souls Angels Cry

Love in the heart Angels cry

A hand to help Angels cry

To share and care Angels Cry

To bring the joy Angels Cry


About ajitpeter

Passion to write serving.humanity by innovating and engineering livelihood development


6 thoughts on “Angels Cry

  1. Angels cry
    but smile when tears dry
    wonderful words twin as always when ur in the mood
    Ur twin

    Posted by Buddy | November 15, 2011, 12:06 pm
  2. Angels cry till the tears dry
    wonderful written I know u write best in emotional mood lolúr twin

    Posted by Buddy | November 15, 2011, 12:07 pm
  3. so many tears Ajit. when the Angels cry for us… Lovely and heartfelt poem my friend. xPenx

    Posted by penpusherpen | November 15, 2011, 10:21 pm
  4. many many angels there..
    let angels fly into bliss also……….

    Posted by Princess | November 21, 2011, 2:25 pm


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