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A True Christmas

High above in heaven a prayer heard A man whose heart feared God almighty I did wrong he said Yet to gain pardon my sacrifice not paid For Iam poor and cannot pay A sacrifice needs money the elders say Father in heaven his heart did pain oh for the love of tis human to … Continue reading


Heroes Not by the autographs they sign not by the clothes worn fine yet to them with deeds divine true are these heroes as distant star shine … young be a boy helping a blind man old be a lady lending water in a can smart be a nurse cleaning a bed pan even a … Continue reading

What do I write

Oh what doth tis heart want to write The news of the day give me a fright Times aimless a string less kite yet in the darkest tunnel to find brightest light the hunger of the world seen in sight nations in aimless fight doth war prove nations might for is not a hunger a … Continue reading


Shepard she is to me leading to paths unknown is she seeking buried bone A black nose smelling my mood silent by my legs she stood oh to her iam not a master but a friend the name better to bubbly our German Shepard

Thoughts of innocence

Thoughts of innocence Think of the humans in a jungle of  stones Greed and betrayal sucking the bones innocence lost in words of deceit innocent slaved with economic deficit Innocent as us in a jungle free lived with love our ways to be thoughts to us a days food ways of  neither sly ever to be goodmen doth plot to trap an innocent … Continue reading

TO an old Bike

This is a tribute to my old bike a Yamaha RX 100 A furious machine fast on the road and great road grip this chap ran for more than 100000 miles though I have to let him go till  now his memory still remains To an old Bike   The day I saw you on … Continue reading

A farewell poem to my call centre buddies

A farewell poem to my call centre buddies   Each day we do a golden deed To help people in dire need When the sun is sinking low To our jobs its time to go   The driver arrives and gives a call Time for us to take the fall many a customers out there … Continue reading

the journeys end

           The journeys end   Tis the place where the lifes journey ends  To rest a home it lends  Rich and poor side by side  laid to rest three feet wide    Tis the place where the silence remain  To rest a home with no pain  young and old side by side  wait till judgement … Continue reading

if this life would be a play

This life is a play molded in almighty s hands as clay destiny is for us to play the part fate the tales twist in every heart  romeos and juliets we act yet like brutus we plot with tact power and glory we do seek time do we have to care for the weak The audience applause as society’s … Continue reading

To a friend far

Oh what hath bought us near a friend so far yet near  Oh what could make an empty heart fill sweet memories of past as treasures fill hearts of gold in times of pain rare love shall pay this journeys fare  far by miles a million yet to this heart a treasured million  who hath made our … Continue reading