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What do I write

Oh what doth tis heart want to write The news of the day give me a fright Times aimless a string less kite yet in the darkest tunnel to find brightest light the hunger of the world seen in sight nations in aimless fight doth war prove nations might for is not a hunger a … Continue reading

A new twist to an Ol tale

      One fine day on a park bench                   One day as the sun was sinking low and the birds settling in their nest .A pretty young girl was sitting on a park bench. A frog appears near her  he says Hey pretty you kiss this lips and I give you five wishes. The … Continue reading

a rose among thorn

         It was a rather warm February month; the sun fading in to an orange ball.  The school was getting ready for its annual day celebrations. Boys and girls rehearsing one last time for the songs dance and play. Parents arriving in luxurious vehicles dressed in the finest.st.Pauls the best resident school in the town … Continue reading