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empty heart

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a teacher

  Teachers day is celebrated today a teacher is a special person to us still many children tease a teacher a teachers responsiblity is to mould the future such teachers are rare to find for many of us forget a teacher shares half of our life time This a tribute to the teachers in our … Continue reading

A call for freedom-15th August 1947

                                 Tis nation I live to be free                                 Proud an Indian to be                          … Continue reading

Times Passage

In the passage of time the clock tick none doth know the destiny’s pick Time hath it ever stood still its passage each moment to fill wonder when time doth fly or in moments slow and its pace shy Oh doth tis life hand us time to kill yet doth our life fit the seconds … Continue reading

where have all the flowers gone a tribute to pete seeger

Some times revolutionaries may not carry a gun they can even carry a banjo or a guitar     I took the liberty of using his songs as a inspiration for my new poem to honor an inspiration may his soul rest in peace  Where have all the flowers gone where have all the flowers … Continue reading

Bike God

Have you ever heard about a Royal Enfield Bullet being worshipped? A village in India’s northwest State, Rajasthan, worships the motorbike and his dead owner, the way devotee worships their gods. Residents of Chotila village have built a small temple for the motorbike and his dead owner, Om Singh Rathore, also known as Om Banna … Continue reading


Oh what doth in tis world i seek tis heart so frail and weak in the deepest forgotten corner of mind clueless of the memories to find  a treasure of gold I doth not want painful past of life in heart doth haunt to gain the whole word wide yet what doth tis heart hide the … Continue reading

35 TImes around the sun

Time hath flown and so many years I take my time to reflect on my past moments though i would want to write a poem This time i want to share a few words of thought from my experience which might not be much SO here are a few of Petys ( as my best … Continue reading

Angels Cry

Angels Cry Times in pain dark clouds cover the sky Fountains of heaven doth open when Angels cry Emotions spent and tears to dry Heavens thy pains bear and Angels Cry The spirits of freedom seek to fly Chained in tis world Angels Cry Dreams of the heart to paint the sky Hands tied to … Continue reading


Gentlemen of cricket a faded lot a gentleman’s game in blitz forgot doth thou see a poor village lad raise the cup here in tis country a religion called cricket God to dog in seconds when you lose the wicket … The bats weighed by advertisement stickers The charm of the game in media flickers